SOUTH N6 Series

235,000.00 денари + ДДВ 167,500.00 денари + ДДВ

Усовршен модел на тотална станица со систем за мерење на должини без призма (мерње на должини во беспризмен режим до 600 м). Инструментот има двостран дисплеј со нумеричка и азбучна тастатура и двоосен компензатор.Вграден ласерски висок за центрирање(опција).

Гаранција: 24 месеца.

Во цената е вклучена и еднодневна обука, во и пред просториите на Гео-Интер.


Комплетот се состои од:

  • Тотална станица
  • Основна и резервна батерија
  • Полнач за батериите
  • Кабел за приклучување со компјутер
  • СД картица (4 гб)
  • Транспортна кутија и каиши
  • ЦД со упатство за работа и програма за симнување на податоците
  • Гарантен лист

Производот го имаме на лагер

Повеќе детали

Absolute Encoding Disk
With absolute encoding disk, you can start your work directly as the instrument is powered on. Azimuth angle will be saved even if the power is off incidentally in the job.

Absolute Encoding Disk

Six-line large LCD
Convenient Management on Internal Memory.
Huge capacity of internal memory enables you to easily complement file system management, including adding, deleting, modifying and transferring data.

Six-line large LCD

Dual Axis Compensation

Dual Axis Compensation

SD card Function and USB interface
SD card provides huge memory, fast speed of data transferring, incredibly flexibility and reliable safety. Saving various data of job into the SD card, you can easily read it just by inserting it into the SD port of your laptop.
USB interface is the international mainstream for PC communication, with it your job must be much easier.

SD card Function and USB interface

Reflectorless Distance Measurement
Functioned by reflectorless distance measurement, range up to 350m which is applicable for long distance measurement with high accuracy on various kinds of materials or colors such as wall, wire pole, wire, cliff, hill, earth, timber pile, etc. For those targets which are not easy or even impossible to reach, reflectorless distance measurement can complete the measurement task easily.

Various Surveying Programs
Besides of ordinary surveying programs, such series of total station also has special surveying programs, such as remote height measurement, offset measurement, remote distance measurement, stake out, resection, area calculation, road design and stake-out, etc., which are sufficient to meet the needs of professional measurement and surveying measurement.